About Crucial Bankie:

Crucial Bankie is a natural. He has the power of music to uplift his people and to generate awareness of where we are, where we are coming from, and most importantly, where we are going. The singer/songwriter is also a self-taught guitarist.

Ian Veira was penned Crucial Bankie as a youth while struggling for survival in the ghettos of his native St. Kitts in the Eastern Caribbean. Singing started to become a major part of his life when he was just ten years old and became a member of his neighborhood church's choir. Bankie found something special in singing for a higher power, so he elected himself to delivering the message of Rastafari to the world. Turning to Jah Rastafari inspired Bankie to use his talent to voice his disappointment at injustices endured by African people throughout the world. Bankie's mission is to use music as an instrument to reinforce peace beset by war and struggle and to revive and unite the African people worldwide.

Bankie offers a breath of fresh air to a world starved for original, uplifting music. The positive force of his spiritual music is evident in his first albums: The Sting (1986) and Sweet Reggae Muzik (1993). His current release Shakedown covers a vast range of news, politics and culture. It is the culmination of years of work and the talent of many great musicians. Shakedown was completed in 2004 with the support of V-Records. Shakedown was mixed at StarVu Studios in Minneapolis, MN by Executive Producer Stevie Renner, and Producers Matt “Dr” Fink and Tony Christian, both veterans of the “Prince” organization.

Crucial Bankie's uncompromising original rhythms are rich in instrumentation and include the skills of top Jamaican musicians Dean Frazer, saxophone, David Madden, trumpet, Flabba Holt and Daniel “Danny Axeman” Thompson, bass, Hugh Malcom “the foundation of Reggae”, Carl Earton and Carl Robinson, drums, Keith Sterling, keyboards, and percussionists Sticky & Skully, along with “wicked guitarist” Stevie Renner of Minneapolis, MN with some amazing lead licks. “It’s a blessing to work with such creative and professional talent--which is one of Jah’s greatest gifts to humanity,” concludes Bankie.

In promotion of Crucial Bankie’s upcoming tour of the UK, the single “How Excellent” will be released in Europe at the beginning of 2005. The full album release of Shakedown will follow soon after.

Crucial Bankie is a force to be reckoned with. His music harkens back to the days when roots and culture music was synonymous with quality reggae music. The moving instrumentals along with his rich timbre and burning sincerity lays the groundwork for a powerful message that the world has nearly forgotten exists. One must listen and experience it to understand the depth and importance it holds.

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